Episode 10

The Preliminary Inquiry with Nadir Sachak


December 2nd, 2020

34 mins 37 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

“A client is the most important individual from a defence lawyer’s point of view, so be fearless. Present every legal argument effectively and don’t be afraid to defend the client with the best ability you can.”

Nadir Sachak is an experienced and respected criminal lawyer in Toronto with an outstanding reputation as a trial advocate, is committed and devoted to his clients, and treats them with dignity, respect and integrity. Nadir is known for his exceptional ability to achieve desirable results as he completely devotes his efforts and time to the people he represents. Nadir practices in all areas of criminal law including homicides, drug offences, property crimes, fraud, domestics, sexual assaults and impaired driving. Learn about the importance of the preliminary inquiry and the different ways to approach it given the circumstances of the case.

Produced by: Zenia Sethna and Jason Cooper