Episode 18

Appeals with Erin Dann


January 27th, 2021

40 mins 7 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

“Anything you can do to be helpful to the judge is good advocacy. You want to make their job’s as easy as they can be to accept your argument. If they have to do extra work to get to your side, that’s not great advocacy.”

Erin Dann practices at both the trial and appellate levels with Embry Dann LLP. Erin is a member of the Pro Bono Inmate Appeal Program, a co-ordinator for the Supreme Court Advocacy Institute and a member of the Queen’s Law Moot Advisory Council. She is a regular speaker at continuing legal education seminars and an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School and the Faculty of Law at Queen’s University. Learn about appeals from Erin Dann and her journey to becoming an appeal lawyer.

Produced by: Zenia Sethna and Jason Cooper