Episode 20

Bail Hearings with Cat Mercer


February 10th, 2021

40 mins 2 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

“My main advice to sureties is to always be honest because things that they think make them sound less credible make them sound more credible….The JP will know if you’re trying to make yourself sound like…you’ve never done anything wrong in the entire history of your life. But if you say, “20 years ago I had a bunch of criminal record stuff but I cleaned up my act” – that is really good for their credibility.”

Cat Mercer is a sole practitioner, practicing in the Greater Toronto Area. Her firm is called Mercury defence law. You can reach her at 647-812-7218. Listen to Cat speak about bail hearings and her experience carrying out bail hearings of her own as a new lawyer.

Produced by: Zenia Sethna and Jason Cooper