Episode 24

Ethical Lawyering and Dealing with the Law Society with Nadia Liva


February 24th, 2021

37 mins 52 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

“I think if you practice with [this] at heart: The desire to not be so reckless, the desire to be careful, to reach out and to not be afraid of not knowing the answer to something, not being so prideful that you don’t want to ask. I think you end up getting a much better practice, you give better service, and I think your reputation only improves because of it.”

Nadia Liva is committed to providing her clients with trusted counsel and skilled representation. A lawyer with over 25 years of experience in criminal, regulatory and administrative law, Nadia’s practice is quality driven and is focused on achieving the best results for her clients. Nadia’s negotiation skills and creativity result in resolutions which maximize benefits and minimize damage to her clients, not only personally and professionally, but financially as well, avoiding the high costs associated with costly drawn out litigation. Nadia provides experienced legal advice, sound judgment, superior strategic representation and skilled advocacy with the highest level of commitment to her clients. Listen in to learn more about Ethical Lawyering and Dealing with the Law Society.

Produced by: Zenia Sethna and Jason Cooper