Episode 22

Building a Reputation and Relationship with Your Client with Elham Jamshidi


February 17th, 2021

28 mins 54 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

“The best way that I view myself is I’m the shield for my client. I’m their shield of protection, I’m their shield of armour. I want to protect them and defend them to the best of my ability…. If your lawyer doesn’t like you, how are you going to have your lawyer convince the judge to like you or the jury to like you? That’s why it is very important that you get along with your client, build that relationship with your client and like your client.”

Elham Jamshidi is an experienced litigation attorney with an expertise in criminal law. She has appeared in hundreds of criminal matters as an advocate, including several reported cases. Her cases have included clients accused of murder, sexual assault, robbery, guns and gangs, fraud, and drug offences. In every case, Elham believes in a well-prepared and aggressive defence of the rights of the accused person. Listen in to learn about Elham’s practice when working to build a relationship with her client and her journey in building her reputation.

Produced by: Zenia Sethna and Jason Cooper